‘NIV Art Gallery’ showcases contemporary art from across the world , creating a platform for new thoughts and ideas. It was formally established two years ago, but our exhibition history dates back to 2006-7. Since its inception, NIV Art Gallery has come a long way, not just moving with the times but trying to keep ahead of them as well. ‘NIV Art Gallery’ is a platform for contemporary art, where there is an opportunity to display the best in creative talent or witness the excellence on display. We anticipate trends, nurture talent and deeply invested in the future of contemporary art practices through aesthetic explorations, and furthering visual dialogues.

‘NIV Art Gallery’ is becoming synonymous in India with challenging abstract art, lens-based works, and new directions in painterly practices. We are representing a generation of artists who form the backbone of the future of Indian Art . We also have with us some emerging artists from Europe and America.

Through its association with "NIV Art Centre" ‘NIV Art Gallery’ supports seminars, lectures, and discussions, talks that contextualize art within critical discourse.